An Open Letter from a Scientologist & Black Man to Tampa Bay Times Bigots
You see, I understand I am just another “nigger,” and you know what is best for me. You deem yourself my Master. You are not my friend.
Andy Marlette Proves Bigotry Still Has a Platform, Even in 2020
It never ceases to amaze me that stupidity and arrogance so often go hand in hand, or in Pensacola News Journal columnist and cartoonist Andy Marlette’s case, pen in hand.
Anti-Religious Hate Crimes Should Be No Smirking Matter for A&E, Leah Remini and Mike Rinder
An A&E series produced by Slauson Productions allowing avowed anti-Scientologists Leah Remini and Mike Rinder to smirk and strut their way through a maze of fiction and farce about Scientology has incited hundreds of hate messages and threats...
Anti-Semitism and the Miss France Beauty Pageant
The “religion” of bigotry—for, make no mistake: it requires a hefty heap of faith to ignore logic and the evidence of one’s own eyes to hate people one doesn’t even know—is a cruel taskmaster, brooking nothing less than full commitment.
Aziz Ansari Hits the Mark in SNL Monologue
Aziz Ansari said something interesting on Saturday Night Live , and I laughed, because he’s freaking hilarious. And because, boy, do we need some satire right now. Maybe you’ve heard? There's a little bit of political unrest happening. And yes, Mr. Ansari made me laugh.
Big Bigotry Goes Mainstream: Remini & Disney Attack Jehovah’s Witnesses
How exactly do you ask, in politically correct terms: “What religious group can we profit from the most by misrepresenting and stirring up hate?” “Can we get a lynching?”
Bigotry, Beanbags, Opals and Elephants
Humankind at its finest sees a tree not as a green blob, but a Maple, its leaves individually defined, each one a bit different from the others—in all their variety and beauty, part of a larger and complex unity.
Bigotry—I Just Won’t Do That Anymore
That’s the importance of religion, to me. And I know it’s true because I experienced it at that interfaith meeting. And this changed my mind and heart about ever bashing or putting down another’s faith.
Bigotry Is Only a Symptom of the Actual Disease
This is the germ that starts the infection—this is the first disruption of normal social interaction between two groups.
Bigotry: Nothing Funny About That
If someone were to make a list of the top 10 least funny things, “bigotry” would undoubtedly make the cut. There’s very little that’s funny about bigotry. That’s all the more unfortunate because everyone tells me laughter is the best remedy.