You’d Better Sit Down, This May Come as a Shock: Mike Rinder Is Irrational

“When you stand up, your feet are closer to the ground than your head.”

“There are more fingers in the world than people.”

“One plus one equals two.”

Some things are so obvious they hardly need to be pointed out.

For example, “Mike Rinder is an irrational person who does and will continue to do irrational things.”

Yet, despite the obviousness, Rinder wants you to know that he is an Olympic-level irrational person, in case you missed the memo.

“I have done irrational things in my life,” he grins and laughs in a YouTube podcast. “I, you know, I continue to do irrational things.”

Mike Rinder’s irrationality has been on display for all the world to see for decades. 

This is the man who shoved one female colleague under a desk, threw a woman against a wall, broke another woman’s tooth by slamming a clipboard into the side of her head and attacked his wife so violently he left her disabled for life.

This is the man who abandoned his family, including a son with cancer, given five years to live, only to show up two years later, uninvited, camera crew in tow, as a publicity stunt.

This is the man who champions rapist and full-time fiend Paul Haggis as a “gentle man with impeccable manners and a generous heart,” even after Haggis was found unanimously liable for raping a young woman.

This is the man who, under oath, confessed that he could give no estimate of how many times he’d lied, and later told a CBS interviewer: “I can’t convince you one way or the other whether I am lying now or then or both.”

This man is—gasp!—IRRATIONAL?

Does a bear you-know-what in the you-know-where?

Mike Rinder’s irrationality has been on display for all the world to see for decades. After being removed in total disgrace by the Church’s ecclesiastical leader for gross malfeasance—including coaching witnesses to perjure themselves (a felony) and hiding evidence in a police investigation—Rinder pursued a new career: anti-religion hired gun. For a fee, Rinder spews canards about the religion that once tried to help him. The people he called “good people… really doing something to change the world for the better” were now transformed by the ravening hole in his wallet into “cornered rats” and “menacing, antagonistic and rabid vermin” who will “ultimately be wiped out entirely.”

So Rinder is clearly not contributing to mankind’s store of knowledge by asserting, grin and all, that he is irrational. Why then, after all the violence and stupidity, after all the bigotry and lies, after cuddling up with the dregs of society, is he moved to enlighten—nay, warn us—that his actions don’t make sense and never will?

Or does the answer lie elsewhere?

When you or I—normal, responsible adults—confess to an unpleasant truth about ourselves, it is generally an attempt to make amends for a sin, to seek redemption through forgiveness, or at the very least, to emit a cry for help.

When normal, responsible people admit to a character flaw, the admission comes with the hope that the defect can be corrected.

Normal, responsible people want to improve. Normal, responsible people don’t like hurting others, even unwittingly, through their own shortcomings.

But Mike Rinder is not a normal, responsible person.

When he says he’s “irrational,” he’s not being humble or contrite or asking for help.

He’s bragging.

And when he says he’ll continue to be irrational, he’s not despairing of the hopelessness of his degraded state. He’s saying: But wait, there’s more!