The Case for Brotherhood
Last October, eleven worshippers at the at Tree of Life Congregation in Pittsburgh , Pennsylvania were murdered during Shabbat morning services by a man whose only knowledge of his victims was that they were Jewish. And he hated Jews. [i] It was the worst anti-Semitic attack in American history.
The Definition of Hate
Just as the only thing we need to fear is Fear itself, so the only thing truly worth hating is Hate. And since Hate equals Fear, anyway, the next time you feel your gorge rising with venom against something you’ve read or someone you’ve heard, try this handy little remedy:
This Rosh Hashanah, We Must Confront Anti-Semitism
The sounding of the shofar is a call to awaken from complacency, and to simply look and see.
Was Jewish “Blood Libel” the First Fake News?
Libel means false accusation. For centuries, a particularly vicious libel has been leveled at Jews: that they sacrificed Christian children and used their blood for religious rituals. That is why it is called a “blood libel.”
Where Propaganda Leads: Holocaust Remembrance Day 2019
I was born April 19, 1945, the same day that, British soldiers in Germany pushed 13,000 decaying bodies into trenches with a bulldozer at a place called Bergen-Belsen. Eleven days later, Adolph Hitler committed suicide in a bunker in Berlin, and a week after that the war in Europe was over.
Why Is Scientology Treated “Unfairly?”
Cultures change slowly. I was born in 1945. When I was growing up in Washington, D.C., discrimination against African Americans, Jews, Catholics, Mormons, Gays, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and Muslims was not the least bit unusual and was largely accepted. Southern politicians got elected based on who was the loudest and most viciously racist.
STAND Supports Hungarian Government’s Zero Tolerance on Anti-Semitism
STAND is mindful that Hungarian Scientologists have also faced religious discrimination and have been subject to hate speech. STAND sincerely hopes that this atmosphere of religious and racial tolerance will expand and reach into all sectors of this country thereby helping to establish a new cultural renaissance from which all can benefit.