Hungarian Prime Minister Repeats Pledge of Zero Tolerance of Anti-Semitism

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, jointly held a press conference in Budapest, on July 18, 2017.

During this truly significant event, Mr. Orban proclaimed that Hungary stands for zero tolerance of anti-Semitism and that Hungary had committed a crime during World War II by not protecting Jews from the Nazis.

Anti-Semitism at its peak resulted in the extermination of more than six million Jews during the World War II holocaust.

This joint conference marked a new era of mutual respect between the two countries.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at their joint Press Conference in Budapest, Hungary on July 18, 2017

Racial discrimination goes hand in hand with religious intolerance, so it is particularly important to stand against extremist views and to create peace and tolerance for all religions including Scientology.

This joint press conference demonstrated that the Hungarian government is willing to uphold the values of racial and religious tolerance, which in today’s time of religious bigotry and hatred is welcome.

STAND is mindful that Hungarian Scientologists have also faced religious discrimination and have been subject to hate speech. STAND sincerely hopes that this atmosphere of religious and racial tolerance will expand and reach into all sectors of this country thereby helping to establish a new cultural renaissance from which all can benefit.

STAND’s purpose is to end the defamation and bigotry toward Scientologists and the Scientology religion and to protect everyone’s basic inalienable right to practice their chosen faith.

Therefore all such official statements that strengthen alliances between people and countries are welcome. Ultimately STAND seeks full tolerance and religious freedom for all Mankind.

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