Pope Francis Appeals for Religious Diversity and Understanding
When Pope Francis talks, 1.3 billion people listen. Thus, it is significant that on his recent trip to Hungary, the Pope called for an embrace of religious diversity.
Teaching Our Children Bigotry
Hate is not a natural thing. It is a learned thing.
The Dehumanization of Mike Rinder
It is a sick mind that must contort itself to see roaches, instead of men, women and children, as the Hutus viewed the Tutsis in the Rwanda genocide of 1994. 800,000 minority Tutsis were slaughtered in a three-month period.
The Different Shades of White Supremacy
It can be comforting and comfortable to share the same private snickers and public derisions as one’s friends about everything from a person’s skin color to their religion.
The Looper’s Patrick Phillips Tells Us What’s “OK” to Hate
Let’s assume that Phillips wouldn’t say about Jerry Seinfeld that the director of his latest comedy special is excited to work with him “in spite of his being Jewish” or that Herbie Hancock’s new music is great “once you get past the fact that he’s a Buddhist.”
The Old Jew: A Story About Wisdom
I had not told the old man that I was expecting my first child, but somehow he knew. And I never forgot.
The Swastika in the Bathroom
You walk into the bathroom and a large, black graffitied swastika greets you. It’s big, it’s ugly and it exudes an almost living presence, defying you to respond in some way. You’re 11 years old, you have fifteen minutes to get back to class, you’re in a new school, you just started making friends, and you don’t want to rock the boat.
The Tree of Life—Two Years Later
Genesis tells us there were two trees in Eden: the Tree of Knowledge and the Tree of Life. Whereas Adam and Eve were punished for eating of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, the Tree of Life remained untouched, and, according to Scripture, guarded by angels with flaming swords to this day.
Twenty Million More
We sat in front of the rabbi that day in 1977, my wife and I, a bit sheepishly explaining how we had run off and gotten married a year earlier after just a week of dating—and how she wasn’t Jewish at the time, and how she still wasn’t Jewish, and how now she needed to convert so that we could have a Jewish ceremony so that my observant Jewish mom and dad would speak to us.
Vox’s “Cult-Obsessed” Aja Romano Spews Hate-by-Association Bigotry
Romano joins the unholy pantheon of scribes who could care less about the real people she’s hurting, as long as she’s got a gobsmacking piece of clickbait for the masses.