Volunteer Ministers

Twitter Bigot Max Burns Succeeds in Embarrassing Himself
These are the antisemites, the Islamophobes, the theophobes, the xenophobes, the anti-Asians, the racists and the rest.
Who’s Next in the Crosshairs of Discrimination?
Understand, that if one innocent person or group is not safe among us—if one person or group is denied the freedoms that are our basic human rights—none are safe.
Metro.co.uk caught copying false Daily Mail piece
I read your take-off of Scott Campbell’s hateful Daily Mail article purporting to cover Scientology Volunteer Ministers working at the Grenfell Tower disaster helping those directly and indirectly affected.
The Daily Mail and the Truth: Polar Opposites
I read the hateful article by Scott Campbell criticizing Scientologists for coming to the Grenfell Tower disaster to help those directly and indirectly affected.
Channel 7 Morning Show in bigoted attack on those who help
I do not think I have ever seen a more smug looking pair of bigots in my entire life, pouring on-air scorn toward members of my religion, Scientology, while they sniped at it with the single most discriminatory man in Australia, Bryan Seymour. They should be ashamed.
Good People Do Exist, Contrary to CBC Propaganda
Frankly I am more than appalled at your recent coverage of our Scientology Volunteer Ministers, each one of whom has volunteered to go out into the community to spread calm and hope.
“The Age’s” Defamation of My Religion Is Unacceptable
As the editor of a prestigious newspaper, it well behooves you to ensure your journalists are reporting facts. There is more to this story.
Tony Ortega Exploits 9/11 Anniversary to Spread Hate Against Scientologists Who Volunteered at Ground Zero
In a September 10 posting on a tabloid website, anti-Scientology hate blogger Tony Ortega exploits the anniversary of 9/11 to forward his campaign of denigration and bigotry against Scientologists—in this case, the 800 Scientology Volunteer Ministers (VM) who worked at Ground Zero.
Who are the Volunteer Ministers?