Meet Averell “Ace” Smith of Bearstar Strategies, the manipulator behind anti-religious smear ads
Averell “Ace” Smith is Partner at Bearstar Strategies in San Francisco. “Ace” is the devious person behind the latest anti-religious smear ads. Brace yourself. He is the face of 21st-century propaganda.
Speaking Out Against Bigotry in Los Angeles |⁠
International Day of Tolerance Turns 25, and the World Is Turning a Corner
Celebrate, in whatever way you can. The world is turning a corner. There is an incredible amount of work to be done, but good people everywhere are doing it.
Is Mainstream Media Guilty of Stirring Bigotry and Discrimination Against the Innocent?
Mainstream media is paid quite handsomely to manipulate public opinion. I’d like to tell you about a dirty little trick that they use in getting this job done. It’s one of those things that seems to be hiding in plain sight. When you know what it is, you'll find it popping up all over the place.
Stafford County, Virginia, Exhumes Its Own Bigotry. It’s Time To Bury It Again.
The Muslim community of Stafford County, Virginia, having been found in the right in the federal lawsuit, and having won its own lawsuit against the County, now as of September of this year, has its cemetery. In all, Stafford County spent five years and $900,000—$400,000 in court costs and $500,000 in a settlement to the AMAA.
You’re Not as Tolerant and Inclusive as You Think, and Here’s Why
Living in diverse Los Angeles, you would think bigotry is the last thing I’d have to worry about in my daily life, but it’s not. That’s because I’m a Scientologist, and for most of my life, the press has been engaged in an all-out attack against my religion .
Anti-religious bigotry against the Church of Scientology
Gratuitous, inflammatory comments like the ones you published in your closing paragraph do nothing more than show arrogance and disdain toward people of faith.
Shame on bigots Bill Maher and Leah Remini
The web page of the United States Department of Justice dealing with religious freedom doesn't say “Protecting the Religious Freedom of All, Except Scientology.” It states, “Protecting the Religious Freedom of All.” It is all-inclusive because that is the overriding all-embracing principle at the heart of our democracy.
Disney/A&E Brand Promoting False “Reality” Series
This is the second time now that I am writing to you in hopes that I can appeal to a sense of responsibility as a major media conglomerate with viewers everywhere. The Disney brand is one that carries with it a high standard which should not be compromised by carrying false and deceptive content.
Hollywood Reporter Once Again Blowing Remini’s Bigoted Horn
While forwarding Remini’s assertion in your August 18 article that “Elizabeth Moss believes she can’t talk to me,” the facts now reveal that Remini has squelched Scientologists’ right to communicate by blocking their Twitter accounts. She also blocked Andy Clark of Esquire Magazine.