Tarpley Hitt Targets Business Owner on Basis of Religion, Conforming to Daily Beast Pattern of Hate 

On March 1, anti-Scientology Daily Beast reporter Tarpley Hitt penned an article announcing that the “internal docs” of a successful company “reveal” its executives are Scientologists—a fact never hidden to be “revealed.” 

Using rhetoric disturbingly akin to Nazi propaganda “outing” Jews and depicting them as nefarious, Hitt’s article blatantly seeks to dehumanize Scientologists and spread hate. Hitt writes about the religion’s “influence” and “involvement” in the business in question because several of its staff are members of the Church of Scientology. 

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“As STAND has long said, all individuals must be free to practice their religions without fear of being targeted by deeply backward bigots like Tarpley Hitt and her Daily Beast cohort Marlow Stern, who together have penned dozens of abhorrent antireligious articles,” said National STAND Director Bari Berger.

“Hitt’s latest piece ‘exposing’ that a business is owned by a Scientologist is hate, pure and simple, in the tradition of Der StürmerHitt is an individual so passionately bigoted she has no awareness of how out of touch she comes across with her biased, divisive, discriminatory ‘reporting.’ Perhaps Hitt’s next article will ‘uncover’ internal documents ‘revealing’ that Jews run a thriving medical practice, or that Muslims oversee a successful law firm. 

The Daily Beast is beyond the pale and Hitt, with this latest article, represents its team as the hatemongers they truly are.”