The Sun Writers Emma Parry & Chris White: “We Only Publish Hate Speech”

Chris White, freelancer, and Emma Parry, Digital U.S. Correspondent for notorious U.K. tabloid The Sun, on December 17 published yet another anti-Scientology hate article, turning to three former Church members expelled for dishonesty and malfeasance as their only “sources.”

“Journalistic misconduct like that of Emma Parry and Chris White is what has crashed public confidence in the media while fueling a toxic subculture of intolerance, discrimination and the victimization of minorities,” said National STAND Director Bari Berger.

“Printing hate speech from disreputable, discredited and extremist sources in the guise of ‘news’ is Ms. Parry and Mr. White’s journalistic practice and policy. They would recommend interviewing white supremacists for an article on Muslims and Jews.”