Hate Report: Blogger Tony Ortega Promotes Racist Stereotypes

On June 30, hate blogger Tony Ortega tweeted that a rapper and civil rights activist posted a journalist’s photo “for some rabid fan to do him harm” and demanded he take it down.

Hate blogger Tony Ortega

The tweet, which fuels racial stereotypes, also exposes Ortega’s hypocrisy. The unemployed blogger—whose funding source is former call girl Karen de la Carriere—daily promotes anti-Scientology hate speech in his postings, in which he includes photos of Scientologist children as well as Church staff, executives and members. With no concern for their security or safety, Ortega lays them open to harm from his rabid and ill-informed followers.

An antireligious television show Ortega participated in and champions resulted in more than 600 threats and acts of violence against members of minority religions.