Lovindublin Targeting People Who Gave Children Holiday Cheer

I did not think the day would come when I’d see someone criticize a Church for bringing cheer to children during Christmas.

January 31, 2018

Megan Cassidy

Dear Megan,

I read your lovindublin.com piece last week in which you wrongly slurred the Church of Scientology for bringing cheer to the local South Dublin community during the holiday season.

I did not think the day would come when I’d see someone criticize a Church for bringing cheer to children during Christmas.

For the facts: The incredibly popular Community Centre’s Winter Wonderland was open for a month during which time more than 4,000 people visited and toured. While there they enjoyed the Christmas fun fair rides, participated in face-painting, creative craftmaking with Santa’s elves, riding Santa’s reindeer and a host of other festive activities.

Here is what some of the locals had to say about it:

“Thank you so much for this. We had a wonderful time. It’s Christmas, and it’s part of our culture and children have to experience this.”

“My children and grandchildren arrived and my grandchildren said ‘Grandpa, you are the luckiest person in the world. You have a Winter Wonderland in your backyard! We want to come here the whole month.’ Am I not the luckiest guy?”

“My mummy said if I can’t write I can’t tell Santa what I want for Christmas, but I saw him and I told him what I wanted myself.”

“I have never seen my child like this before, never ever. When I came in I felt the festive spirit around this lovely place. And my son, I’ve never seen him like this. He is smiling in the pictures with Santa. He was never smiling before.”

“When we drove past, the first thing we saw was a huge Christmas tree and then the little ones. We also saw your giant Christmas balls display and loved it and so we turned around and decided to come here. The last time I have been here in the civic centre is about 2 years ago when it used to have a small café. I am surprised and amazed to see what you have done here. The Christmas lights and display you put on is incredible and I will return later this week with the rest of my family.”

Admission to Winter Wonderland was free of charge, but in the spirit of Christmas, visitors were invited to donate to local charities in support of the homeless.

That is the true story.

Rebecca Blair
State College, Penn.

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