Why I Choose Scientology

1. It works. Plain and simple.

2. If you have any question about life, this universe or other people, there IS an answer in it to each and every question you may have.

3. It’s not dogmatic (meaning it doesn’t tell you that you must believe this or that to be one of “us”).

4. It saved my life.

5. It puts order into life.

6. It handles confusions in life.

An auditorium and confetti
The Church of Scientology’s annual New Year celebration at the Shrine Auditorium

7. I am a successful business owner today because I used the tools of Scientology. Many people have found steady employment in my business which makes me all the happier.

8. Scientology does not discriminate in who it helps. It literally can help anyone: the young, the old, the rich, the poor, the Democrat, the Republican and on and on and on…

9. It has not been altered from its original findings and form and therefore isn’t subject to fads over time. Scientology is in its pure form, unaltered.

10. Its research and findings are available to everyone in any Church of Scientology or public library.

11. If I have a problem I am looking to solve in life, I can always find a solution in Scientology. And the solution always works. This does not mean I have no problems (impossible) but if I am determined to handle any problem, I can, with the help of the tools in Scientology. This frees me up to concentrate on bigger and better things in life.

12. Life is no longer a problem or a whole mess of problems to me: it’s a game.

13. I have seen countless friends and other family members helped with Scientology.

14. Scientology has innumerable success stories from people from all walks of life, across the globe.

15. Scientology is all-denominational. That means anyone from any denomination is welcome in Scientology. No strings attached.

These are the main reasons I choose Scientology.

I could keep writing on and on and probably reach 1,000 points (maybe more, if I include all my personal successes) but that’s a bit much for one blog.

Scientology works, plain and simple. And I do hope you get to see that for yourself and use it, if you so choose.

John Logothetis
Entrepreneur,  Business Owner, Martial Artist, Loving Father, friend of many and freedom fighter for all. Always one to stand up for what is right and just.