The Honor of Being the Dad I Would Never Be Without Scientology

At age eight, I didn’t like the way it felt to be a child of divorced parents and I determined that marriage was not going to be in my future.

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I certainly didn’t entertain dreams of being a father. Since I didn’t want to participate in a marriage, being a dad was put into the folder marked “AVOID,” alongside rattlesnakes and open elevator shafts.

Scientology was the thing that got me out of that trap. I say “trap” because what else would you call something that holds you back from some of life’s greatest joys?

My daughter and I enjoy a true friendship today because of Scientology.

Marriage (and later fatherhood) turned out to be an extraordinary adventure and a realization of an abandoned goal: to be a part of a whole family.

It wasn’t what I expected to gain from Scientology; I turned to it originally to get away from drug use in the pursuit of happiness.

But as I brought more and more order into my life by applying Scientology principles, the idea of bringing another person into the world and sharing life as a family didn’t seem cursed or doomed to fail. It seemed like an opportunity that I shouldn’t miss out on.

My wife and I have since had one daughter, who has grown up now to be a successful, happy adult. None of the ill effects I received as the child of unhappy parents were passed along to my child—that line of discontent ended with me—and that is thanks to Scientology.

Scientology wasn’t just a set of rules that I read and then decided to grit my teeth and force myself to adhere to. It’s a technology that actually made it easy for me to clear up misunderstandings that created errors in my judgment. Once those were cleared up, I naturally extended myself into unexplored areas of life without worry that I’d make a mess of things.

It’s a path to enlightenment and, along the way, things that seemed difficult or unobtainable to me—or even things I once felt I didn’t deserve—now presented themselves as new opportunities.

My daughter and I enjoy a true friendship today because of Scientology. This was another unexpected gift. We not only get along, but she and I collaborate every week on fun, artistic projects together. We are even famous for our relationship on social media!

When I think of what my life would have been like without the satisfaction of being a dad, it’s like trying to imagine life without a limb, or a life spent partially in jail.

I really wouldn’t trade fatherhood for anything.

So, Father’s Day has taken on a different color for me than when I was a boy. It’s now a true celebration of a part of my life full of satisfying memories, and appreciation for my family doing me the honor of allowing me to be “Dad.”

I am eternally grateful to L. Ron Hubbard for that matchless gift.

Jim Meskimen
Jim Meskimen is an actor, director, impressionist and YouTube personality. He comes from a show-business family; his mom is actress Marion Ross, who portrayed “Mrs. C” on Happy Days. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife Tamra and daughter Taylor who are also actresses and voice artists.