Predictions on Religion

It never ceases to amaze me what gets predicted and foretold or “clairvoyant-ed” in the mainstream media. I happened upon an article in the Colorado Springs Gazette entitled “What’s next for religion in 2018?” As I read through the article I saw that there were several notable speakers discussing topics that I really could not believe. Some of the predictions covered topics that are not even close to being part of what a religious movement is or what involvement in religion represents.

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On the one hand, there was a prediction about Judaism being torn apart by sex scandal. On the other, there was a prediction of all faiths the world over uniting and working together for the common good of all people. Quite the opposite swings of a pendulum.

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Then there were several citing churches involved in legal precedent battles, politics, and same-sex marriage issues.

And lastly, “Mormons reach a tipping point on Trump… the Mormons have never liked Trump.” Geez, while I agree that members of religious groups have their right to a viewpoint on politics, the prediction of outright condemnation of a political figure, especially the President of the USA, by an entire religious group is pretty strong.

Even though starting from the same seed, divine scripture, truth, knowledge, wisdom and law have grown into completely different plants, sometimes barely serving their original origin, often embroiled in conflict and embraced in litigation.

In ancient times, the ancients ran with the belief that what we now refer to as religion was their law of the land. Divine scriptures were meant for all to abide by for the good of all. This was their practice and answer to life, livingness, all things spiritual, and all things materialistic.

Written works like the Vedas, the Quran and the Bible were around way before the word religion even came into being. These works were the written laws of the land, sources of knowledge by the scholars of their times.

In ancient times you answered to the lord. In those days the lord was the person that had authority, control or power over others. He was the landowner, master, chief or ruler. He owned the house you lived in and the food you ate. It wasn’t until the 13th century when the term “Lord” was used to refer to both God and Jesus.

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Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and other ancient philosophers, hundreds of years B.C., often referred to God and gave accounts of receiving knowledge and scientific truths from divine beings. These guys then researched, proved and wrote of these subjective and objective truths. They laid the very foundation for science, philosophy and physics and have been studied ever since. Their works have been expanded upon, coming on up the timeline into many different branches of science, all stemming from divine knowledge—the effort to prove the divine universe existence by operation in the physical universe.

Today we have some 4,200 different organized religions on Earth. Some are based on at least some aspect of divine scripture and belief. Some are based on scientific doctrine and yet others on a combination of both. It can be very confusing at times for people who seek a religion right for them.

There are so many different paths a person can explore, so many that one may wonder—“Is it all a sham?” As one could observe, the perversion of divine worship appears to have been orchestrated not for love, but for love of money. There are, however, valid religious organizations that adhere to truth, knowledge and the practice of divine activities which encompass the belief of broad social obligations to family, neighbors, rulers, and a God or Gods.

After all, beliefs in the divine and deities of various powers and influence over a myriad of phenomena, and the sharing of those beliefs through written works or spoken folklore handed down through generations over the millennia, are what has kept Man as a species from going extinct.

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Following the path from the oldest discovered written works on Earth to present day we can observe that what started as a complete and sincere divine way of life has been divided and altered, then filled with wild arbitraries completely destroying the whole by making the pieces unworkable. The absolute truths on which existence was founded are buried so deep in the lies of the centuries that no one bothers to look for them anymore.

BUT NONE have given up hope and THIS is what fills the churches of the land.

After a while people just don’t pay attention to what has happened, is happening or will happen. Lies are what weaves the fabric of society and our place in it to such an extent that people go with the flow. And this attitude alone is what makes it flow that way.

BUT, NONE have given up hope and THIS is what fills the churches of the land.

You can do something about it. Make the flow happen on a prosurvival level in whatever sphere you influence, be it government, science, religion or just plain life betterment for all.

Along with millions of people on Earth, I have found the truth, knowledge, wisdom, ethics and spiritual freedom that all philosophers and leaders of religious organizations have sought since the beginning of time itself. A confluence of all that is divine and nothing else. The answers are available to all. This is Scientology. The word Scientology, conceived by L. Ron Hubbard, comes from the Latin scio which means “knowing, in the fullest meaning of the word,” and the Greek word logos which means “study of.” It means “knowing how to know.” Scientology is further defined as “the study and handling of the spirit in relationship to itself, universes and other life.”

This all leads to MY predictions for religion in 2018—

  • There will be a new beginning from the very source of truth itself, spreading over the Earth.
  • Millions and millions will see the truth at
  • Religions together and in unison will bring a new enlightened age where spirituality and Godliness will once again rise above materialism and where we all win.
Joel Anderson
Dubbed by friends and colleagues: “the Answer Man.”