No, Laura Loomer: Jews Aren’t Bigots

It seems like religion is always at the forefront of so many unnecessary upsets, especially on social media.

Recently, New York fell victim to another terror attack where an ISIS extremist drove into a group of pedestrians, killing several and injuring many more.

Vox coverage of recent NYC terrorist attack
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This tragedy was hijacked by that ever-so-familiar rhetoric that links ISIS to Islam, which is like comparing men with male-pattern baldness to neo-Nazi skinheads. If anyone took two minutes to educate themselves they would realize those two topics have nothing in common.

These are not the people who look at a glass half-full or half-empty. These are the people who see a full glass and call it empty.
Laura Loomer’s bigoted tweet
Laura Loomer’s bigoted tweet

To add insult to injury, “investigative journalist” Laura Loomer, while walking by the site of the attack, chose to take a photo in which two Muslims happened to be walking by and incorporated into her tweet that these random pedestrians were “gloating” about the attack.

Not only was this social media religious bigotry at its prime, but Laura even mentions in her profile how she is a “Proud American Jew.” As a Jew myself, I can tell you that mocking another’s religion is not part of the tenets of the Torah and Judaism.

She is now getting her well-deserved online comeuppance, but the point is you do not need to use two innocent Muslims walking down the street in hijabs as fodder for your bigoted views.

The best analogy I have heard about being part of a minority group is that it is like another full-time job, because you never know when the next unpleasant incident will cross your desk. I almost want to go up to these Muslims and apologize to them on behalf of Jews all over the world.

People think differently. People believe differently. That’s what makes us individuals and not sheeple. However, using your social media platform to stoke fires of hate helps no one.

These are not the people who look at a glass half-full or half-empty. These are the people who see a full glass and call it empty.

And that is Loomer’s problem. I’m sure she was trying to push buttons, get a reaction and echo sentiments of the rare bigot, but she does not represent the views of all the demographics she belongs to, and that definitely includes her religious affiliation.

Jews are way better than that.

Evan Wecksell
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