A Word of Advice From Someone Who Used to Love Disney

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen of Disney,

I am sure you have seen the stats in Hollywood. People are tuning out in droves. Hollywood tries something different to win them back but nothing is working. Why? What’s missing?

Are you ready? Get out your pens because you will want to write this down.

What is missing is trust.

A sign for Disney World
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Why is your favorite doctor, dentist, hair stylist or mechanic your favorite? Because you trust them.

And we used to trust Disney with our children. We knew that they would not be filled with weird ideas about themselves or others from watching your movies. We knew we could trust the Disney brand.

But something has changed since the death of your brilliant founder.

Instead of remaining purveyors of good, wholesome entertainment that we could trust, you have now become purveyors of hate and bigotry through Leah Remini’s show.

Nobody likes a liar, and when people of goodwill are slandered and smeared, other good people turn their backs on the liars.

Leah Remini openly admits that she did not vet the sources of the lies she spreads on her show.

And what she spreads are lies. I would know, as I’ve been a Scientologist for 40 years. I have studied it and used it. I trust it because I have dug into it enough to see that it works the first time and every time.

And as a result of the lies that you have helped her disseminate far and wide, innocent and good people have been injured. There have been vicious attacks on members of our church and we have done nothing to deserve any of it.

What do you think will happen when people find out you lied and, as a result, innocent people were injured?

They will shun you.

A graph of trust in media
A graph of public trust in news media from the Brookings Institute.

And this is exactly what is happening with “news” organizations like CNN, which has recently fallen below the Nickelodeon Kid’s network in the ratings. And this is what is happening to Remini. And it will happen to you too.

Why? Because nobody likes a liar, and when people of good will are slandered and smeared, other good people turn their backs on the liars.

So in a nutshell, lying is bad for business when you are in the business of communication, and you are.

Remini’s ratings are pretty much in the toilet. Her crap is so over-the-top that people are actually coming into the church after her show to find out what the truth is. Happily, many of them are now new church members.

So in answer to your boardroom question “What the hell is happening to our profit margin and market share?” The answer is: “You are liars.”

My advice is quit lying and see if you can win us back.

Or you can remain with Remini and continue circling the drain.

Your choice.

You’re welcome.


Someone who used to love Disney

Chris Ellis
Chris Ellis is an author, music instructor and professional blogger. Chris has written extensively as a guest blogger and has been the top blogger for lifehack.org. She lives in San Jose, California with her husband and generously proportioned Chihuahua, Little.