Now they are raising their own children with the same basic certainty they found as young Scientologists: that people are inherently good, and that religious freedom makes the world a better place for everyone.
I have good friends who are Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Buddhist, and many more who are still searching and haven’t quite made up their minds.
In my world, Christmas is a time for communication, for acceptance, for understanding, for reconciliation; a time for saying those things that need to be said, for not holding back when one wishes to express one’s affection. It’s a time for apologies, and for accepting those apologies; for acknowledging that we all make mistakes, and that those mistakes are rarely ill-intentioned.
I was moved by a recent articulate, thoughtful article about how to prepare your children for the evil that exists in the world. As a parent myself I’ve been blessed to experience the kind of unconditional love that one feels for one’s child.