June 7, 2019

VH1/Critics’ Choice Working for the Common Bad

The perpetrators of these crimes cited Leah Remini personally as their source of inspiration.

June 7, 2019

Mr. Chris McCarthy

Mr. McCarthy,

Regarding the Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony that is due to air on June 9, 2019, I hereby urge you to exclude airing Leah Remini during this show, along with any mention of the “Impact” award she was recently given.

As you are probably well aware, Leah Remini’s only impact has been to incite hatred, violence and even murder against members of the Church of Scientology in various parts of the world. This has resulted in crimes—over 600 threats of violence and actual acts of violence against the Church’s leader, clergy and parishioners; recent acts of serious vandalism against Scientology Churches, in Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles, to name a few.

The perpetrators of these crimes cited Leah Remini personally as their source of inspiration. One such criminal—the man who smashed the front window of the Church of Scientology U.S. headquarters—was even invited to Leah Remini’s show after he was convicted of a felony.

Remini is clearly and unashamedly intent on inciting hatred and violence. Despite this, she was just awarded the “Impact” recognition. This is obviously an orchestrated effort given that a producer of her show was on the voting panel, not to mention that there were NO other contestants in this category! It is a total sham, in no uncertain terms. Giving Remini a platform on your June 9 show is synonymous with giving a criminal a soapbox in Central Park.

Leah Remini’s hatred extends beyond Scientology: she has also expressed it toward Muslims and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Thank you for your attention in this important matter.

Best regards,

Nicky Baker
Clearwater, Fla.

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