March 9, 2018

PJMedia told: Religions Must Join Forces, Not Attack Brethren

This is neither the time nor the place to add scorn to a public already saturated with media-fed bitterness.

March 5, 2018

John Ellis
PJ Media

Mr. Ellis,

It amazes me that you are staff at your church and yet find time to speak ill of people of another religion and in highly bigoted and uninformed terms. That you speak so disparagingly of others of faith I believe reflects worse on you than on those you malign.

Transposing your text on Scientology to the coverage of the religions of George Clooney, the late Muhammad Ali, Orlando Bloom or any other artist or cultural icon would instantly be recognized as bigotry. Singling out Scientology for ridicule is no less bigoted.

Surely it has come to your attention that this nation is experiencing a rash of religious hate speech and hate crimes including mass murder. This is neither the time nor the place to add scorn to a public already saturated with media-fed bitterness.

The Church and its members, including me, work hard to create a better society for everyone, regardless of their religion, belief, ethnicity or origin. Our time and resources dedicated to drug abuse prevention, drug rehabilitation, literacy, criminal reform, morality, human rights, disaster relief and interfaith cooperation are, in fact, legendary. Scientologists are devoted to helping others and engage in far more community betterment projects than the average individual. This is woven into the very fabric of our religious beliefs.

I strongly suggest you reappraise your address to others of faith. We should band together and spread words of decency and thereby elevate all faiths, religions and beliefs and so restore some humanity to Mankind.

Edward Parkin
STAND International Director

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