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October 16, 2020

Dr. Oz Corrects the Record 

After interviewing a guest who spread antireligious hate and disinformation on the air last week, Dr. Mehmet Oz today provided his audience true information about the response of the Church of Scientology to COVID-19. He also directed his viewers to the show’s website, where a link to the How to Stay Well Prevention Resource Center at was listed on the homepage.

On camera this morning, Dr. Oz shared a statement from the Church, which read: “The Church’s approach to the virus is based on science, and the Church took unprecedented steps from the onset of the pandemic to protect its staff and parishioners around the globe.”

“Before stay-at-home’ directives, the Church took forceful preventive actions including prohibiting all mass gatherings in all of our Churches and congregational activities; providing staff and parishioners with educational booklets on why prevention is important and how to carry it out; taking the temperature of all Church staff and anyone entering Church premises; instituting quarantine and isolation protocols, making available masks and gloves by the millions to staff and parishioners internationally.”

After interviewing a guest who spread antireligious hate and disinformation on the air last week, Dr. Oz today provided his audience true information.

“We acknowledge Dr. Oz for taking this step to rectify his discriminatory and biased coverage,” said National STAND Director Bari Berger. “His audience now has at least a portion of the true story.” 

“When you interview an anti-Semite, you will get an anti-Semitic narrative. It is no different with Scientology. That such religious bigotry would ever be allowed on television is a disgrace, and public figures like Dr. Oz have a responsibility to exercise far greater discretion in selecting whose ‘information’ they put before their viewers.” 

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