A Face to Go With a Faith
Growing up in a new religion can be an interesting experience. As a child I was completely uninhibited about my beliefs. But at some point—and I'm not even sure when exactly—I stopped.
How I Judge
Orthodox, Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Buddhist, Lama, Muslim, Baptist, Scientologist and on and on and on the list goes. I could fill two whole single-spaced pages with all the religions and belief systems of the world.
Is Man Just Another Animal? Part 2: Loss of Spirituality and Increase of Dementia
The immortality of the soul is certainly a crucial and integral part of the belief systems of most if not all religions. And rightfully so.
Religion Is Man’s Salvation
Though it is up to each of us to choose which religious path to follow, religion, period, is worth it. Beyond individual improvement, it unites us in a common goal of a better world—one which, for future generations, erases the fears I suffered in my youth.
Why Religion Matters
As a child growing up in the Sixties, I heard plenty of chants that “God is dead.” I watched as people around me, wanting to change the world and their place in it, turned to drugs as a solution.
Why Religions Shouldn’t Take the Bait
No government, no institution, no club will ever be able to give purpose to man like his religions do.
People of Faith Should be Treated with Decency
Hi Rebecca, I read your article today about San Francisco’s sex cult. Your “tie-in” to the Church of Scientology is gross. Scientology is a religion. It has been recognized as a religion by countless courts in dozens of countries—the U.S.