Is religion being hacked? Ask the Muslims
A religion is bad because of the horrible things done in its name. Right? That’s like saying that the institution of marriage is bad because of some people’s infidelity.
On Advice Not to Love, From Unhappy People
As time went on and more people criticized others in my presence, I started worrying more and more about what others thought of me. After all, the persons being criticized had no idea they were sinning so dramatically. If they were blissfully clueless of their wild indiscretions, how could I know if I ever was accidentally committing some?
The Creation of Love & Hate
In doing these things He sat in council with Adam. “Lord,” said Adam, “will You not grant us a gift—a miracle that happens not just once, but throughout eternity, as a daily reminder of Your grace and of Your presence in each person’s heart?”
The Meaning of Christmas
In my world, Christmas is a time for communication, for acceptance, for understanding, for reconciliation; a time for saying those things that need to be said, for not holding back when one wishes to express one’s affection. It’s a time for apologies, and for accepting those apologies; for acknowledging that we all make mistakes, and that those mistakes are rarely ill-intentioned.
The Rabbi and the Bigot—A Story of Redemption
A few days later, the Rabbi found a package on his front walk containing anti-Semitic, pro-Nazi pamphlets and a card reading: “The KKK is watching you, scum.”
Two Verbs: Faith and Love
I learned one of the most important lessons of my life in my early 30s. I spent my teens and 20s with a storybook, romantic idea of love. “Love is something that happens to you. You fall in or out of love, almost like having some sort of accident.“
Why I Love Christmas
I enjoy the lights, the decorations, the carolers, the smell of Christmas trees everywhere and most of all I love that people, for even a couple of weeks, try to be just a little bit nicer to each other.
Why You Should Unlearn Hate and Make All People Your Friend
As we work our way through interfaith gatherings we focus on similarities, knowing that others will be hollering the differences from the rooftops.
Does Scientology believe in brotherly love?
75 Minutes to Love or Hate—The Choice Is Yours
It takes just over an hour—roughly 75 minutes—for TikTok to deliver Nazi content to a new user who didn’t search for it.