America Indivisible Brings Leaders Together to Counter Anti-Muslim Hate
According to Todd Green, Executive Director of America Indivisible, a glance at the news headlines is all one needs to confirm that a fear of Islam is “justified.”
Converting From Hate to Islam—One Man’s Journey Out of Darkness
In 2009, Richard McKinney visited the Islamic Center in Muncie, Indiana. His purpose: to scout the building in preparation for killing Muslims.
Garden State Politician Recants Anti-Muslim Hate, Embraces Tolerance
When a person embarks on a career in politics, as a sworn-in representative of the people, he or she is bound to uphold and protect the best interests of those they now represent. That includes members of every faith—minority and majority.
Is Intolerance on the Rise?
Then there have been a slew of high-profile tragedies including the New Zealand mosque attacks, the Easter Sunday bombing of Christian churches in Sri Lanka and several synagogue shootings in the United States and Europe. We seem to be living in a time of increased bigotry and even violence against people who are “different” whether of the “wrong” religion, skin color, gender or whatever.
Is This Who We Really Are?
I, for one, don’t believe it. Don’t get me wrong. I believe the statistics, the surveys and the opinions. I believe the anger and the hostility. What I don’t believe is that this is who we really are.
Islamophobia 101
Pope Urban II set the tone for a millennium-long identification of Muslims as direct enemies of Western values, culture and morals. Western culture was good, pure, logical, virtuous, orderly. Islam was bad, polluted, senseless and violent.
Meddle With Religion, Pay the Price
The entire premise of our nation’s founding is eliminating tyranny from people’s lives. Prime amongst tyrannies to avoid, and one of the main reasons for the settling of the original American colonies, is religious persecution. Freedom of religion—the very fabric of our country.
Media Ethics: Read It and Weep
Left, Right, or Center, the editorial boards all have an agenda. They’re all preaching to their own choir, which also happens to be their financial base.
Muslim Couple’s Road Trip Melts Barriers of Prejudice, Builds Understanding
It has been said many times in many ways that it’s hard to hate up close.
Obsessed with Hate: Disgraced Reporter Yashar Ali Tries to Make Bigotry Look Humanitarian
In 2021, Ali described that his goal with the Scientology religion was “to have the whole thing shut down.”