No, Laura Loomer: Jews Aren’t Bigots
It seems like religion is always at the forefront of so many unnecessary upsets, especially on social media. Recently, New York fell victim to another terror attack where an ISIS extremist drove into a group of pedestrians, killing several and injuring many more.
Overlooked—International Religious Freedom Issues That Should Worry Us All
Often these situations are set off to the side while what are characterized as more pressing concerns are addressed.
Rashad Hussain Confirmed as America’s First Muslim Religious Freedom Ambassador
By an overwhelmingly bipartisan U.S. Senate vote, Rashad Hussain was confirmed this month as America’s first Muslim Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom.
Teaching About Religion vs. Teaching Religion—What Is and Isn’t Constitutional
A federal judge dismissed a suit by Libby Hilsenrath, a New Jersey mother who claimed that a seventh-grade social studies course entitled “World Cultures and Geography,” which includes information on all of the world’s religions, attempted to indoctrinate students in the Islamic faith.
What Do You Mean by “God?”
Man’s entire history has, to a large degree, centered on the question of God. Wars have been fought, families torn apart, entire groups of people persecuted all because of how they worshiped or believed in God.
Why the United States Is Concerned About Religious Freedom in Nigeria
The penalties carried out for what have been deemed offenses can vary from extended prison sentences, public lashings and amputations to more severe punishments such as stoning or death by hanging.