holiday season

A Jewish Scientologist’s Christmas
I was raised mildly Jewish. I wasn’t ever bat mitzvahed and, by the time I was 18, I’d actually never been to a synagogue in my life outside of attending a funeral. But we didn’t celebrate Christmas, I can tell you that much. Never had a tree, a bush, a twig, nothing. No Christmas lights.
Not in Our Stars—A Holiday Entreaty
As days pass by and disappear we fast approach another year. The last 12 months we pause to weigh and estimate the progress made. Have all our dreams for happier days grown closer, or more far away? Did we our destinies fulfill or were we simply standing still? Perusing all that we’ve been through...
STAND Members Celebrate Success and Another Holiday Season Fighting for Freedom
This week, members of STAND’s Los Angeles chapter gathered at the Church of Scientology of the Valley for their annual holiday reception, to connect, share ideas, and celebrate another year of success in the fight for religious freedom.
STAND Wishes All a Holiday Season Filled With Happiness and Peace
The STAND team extends its wishes for a bright, happy holiday season to friends, allies and all those across the globe working to make the warmth of these few precious weeks a reality year-round, and to end suffering, hardship and discrimination for all.
Christmas and the holiday season
How do Scientologists celebrate the holiday season? Observances of the holidays are as diverse as Scientologists. Because the Scientology religion is practiced in countries around the world, Scientologists come from a wide variety of faiths and cultural traditions.