Scientology: Its Cosmology, Anthropology, System of Ethics and Methodologies
Scientology Ethics—Why I Can Face Anything
Unethical behavior is actually the only thing that will guarantee that a person does not progress in Scientology.
A Wolf in Wolf’s Clothing
I don’t know Leah. I didn’t know Leah. I have no interest in ever knowing Leah. But we share many connections, and friends, or rather I know many of her former friends. I say former because they have—as you may have suspected—cut ties with her. Now, let’s talk about friendship.
Does One Have to Believe in God To Be Moral?
We know from experience in the workplace that there are those employees who need constant supervision to maintain productivity and quality. Yet there are many others who operate splendidly on minimal supervision. They motivate themselves and set their own standards of achievement and professionalism.
Freedom Without Bars
“Buy me a drink?” That is what the policeman said to my relative after stopping him for speeding on a highway in a Caribbean country. My relative had the tact to be polite, to admit to speeding and to treat the officer with respect.
The Tribes of Bad and Good
A few years ago, a seven-year-old boy waving a Pop Tart and saying “bang bang” was suspended from school in Maryland. The school had a “zero-tolerance” policy regarding guns, and the Pop Tart crossed the line.
Why Religious Freedom is Under Attack
Most world religions share a common purpose, whether it’s acknowledging spirituality, encouraging humanitarianism or preaching honesty and integrity. Yet, despite how constructive these may be, a recent report found that attacks on religious liberty have been on the rise.
Bias and a total ignorance of the facts
This is the diametrical opposite of all the inappropriate things children are exposed to in the media these days—immorality, irresponsibility, drug abuse, and so on.
What is Scientology’s system of ethics?
What moral codes do Scientologists live by?