Bullying By Any Other Name… Is Still Bullying
So November is right around the corner and with it… one of my least favorites days… the annual Kick a Ginger Day. Now, let’s just establish this right up front: no one kicks me and gets away with it. I’m a redhead after all and I’m done taking crap over the color of my hair.
Is Intolerance on the Rise?
Then there have been a slew of high-profile tragedies including the New Zealand mosque attacks, the Easter Sunday bombing of Christian churches in Sri Lanka and several synagogue shootings in the United States and Europe. We seem to be living in a time of increased bigotry and even violence against people who are “different” whether of the “wrong” religion, skin color, gender or whatever.
National Bullying Prevention Month: Tackling the Gateway Drug to Bigotry
Today’s bullies are tomorrow’s bigots, and today’s victims of bullies need a hand to help reclaim their lives, their confidence and their potential.
Of Bigots and Bullies
It’s bad enough when adults turn a blind eye to bullying, it’s disgraceful when they encourage it, and it’s criminal when major U.S. corporations contribute to the problem by airing or sponsoring TV programs that set up innocent kids as “different” and therefore as targets.
Online Religious Harassment: What I Learned From Summer Camp and 3 Wise Monkeys
There isn’t some mass solution to this. It takes individual action. Or inaction: the simplest thing to do when some bit of hate comes your way is to kill it by not passing it on. Not even a little bit.
Our Outraged Society
We are supposed to be living in an enlightened age, but instead we seem to be devolving into a society of bullies who, ironically, pride themselves on being “tolerant”— but only of what they deem fit to tolerate.
How Hateful Lies Can Destroy Others’ Lives
We must all be vigilant for the fabricated, evil and false accusations that can hurt both individuals and communities.
What I’ve Learned About Bigotry as an Arab-American Scientologist
As an Arab-American Scientologist, I’m familiar with bigotry. My family emigrated to the United States from Palestine when I was four years old and I was introduced to the wonders of bullying by the children of San Francisco’s Sunset District.
When “the Victim” is the Bully
I’m “a big kid.” That is to say, I’m an adult. I’m well-educated, reasonably affluent, and able to hold my own in a conversation… But I’m being bullied. And honestly? It’s really uncomfortable.
A&E Converts TV from “Instrument of Peace”to “Instrument of Hate”
My grandfather, Harry Warner, President of Warner Bros. Studio for over 50 years considered the medium of film and television “an instrument of peace.”