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Leah Remini Stands by Convicted Rapist and Fellow Anti-Scientologist Paul Haggis
As Paul Haggis racks up $10 million in damages to victims, Leah Remini continues to stand by the convicted rapist. Leah Remini championed the fellow anti-Scientologist and convicted rapist both in the press and on the witness stand. “It is Paul who is the victim here,” she testified last week.
Media Bias—This is Journalism?
An actress wins not one, but two Emmys: one for her performance as Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series and one as a producer for Outstanding Drama Series. Her exuberant acceptance speech brings down the house.
The Hollywood Reporter: Your Go-To Platform for Antireligious Vitriol
It should come as no surprise, then, that over the years, THR should continue in its founder’s grand tradition of falsehood, hypocrisy and the incitement of hate. THR’s current scandal involves its naked bigotry of anything or anyone having anything to do with the Church of Scientology.
The Hollywood Reporter’s Record on Intolerance is Another Flop
If you had a neighbor who constantly spread nasty, malicious rumors about you and your best friends, wouldn’t you pity that person? I mean, what kind of a small-minded, craven individual would expend energy trying to tear down people of good will like that?
Hollywood Reporter Once Again Blowing Remini’s Bigoted Horn
While forwarding Remini’s assertion in your August 18 article that “Elizabeth Moss believes she can’t talk to me,” the facts now reveal that Remini has squelched Scientologists’ right to communicate by blocking their Twitter accounts. She also blocked Andy Clark of Esquire Magazine.
The Hollywood Reporter’s Bigotry and Anti-Religious Propaganda
If anything stands out as evidencing THR’s studied bias against members of the Church of Scientology it is Seth Abramovitch’s utterly shameful treatment of Elisabeth Moss (September 22).
Bigots R Us at The Hollywood Reporter
Dear Mr. Belloni, Once again, Seth Abramovitch chose to be totally disrespectful and biased in his reporting of Elisabeth Moss’s amazing talents and winning two of television’s most prestigious Emmy awards.
Hollywood Reporter—A Message to the Boss
If his claim were true that dropping the F-bomb is a crucial part of the practice of Scientology, then he’s just swelled the ranks of practicing Scientologists to about 115 million in the U.S. alone. Since the F-bomb is the most important word in the argot of the 18-49 demographic, he has just made nearly every millennial out there a practicing Scientologist.
The Hollywood Reporter’s Loser/Failure Crowd
So your article must have been premeditated in order to jump on the former-Scientologist-loser-bandwagon with the use of the “F” word being the best you could come up with. For you, we’ll prescribe the “L” word.
Sleazy Tabloid Journalism From the Hollywood Reporter
Just read your crap piece on Elisabeth Moss and Scientology. It’s articles like this which damage your credibility as anything other than a trashy magazine. Swearing has nothing to do with Scientology.