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Tarpley Hitt & Daily Beast: Only Bottom-Feeders, After All
Ms. Hitt is building a reputation as a writer who refuses to let the truth get in the way of a titillating story—even if it means trashing good people trying to do good things through the faith they practice.
The Daily Beast’s Campaign Against Truth and Honest Journalism
The Daily Beast at first proclaimed its innocence, then temporized with an editorial, then tardily edited out the identifying details of the closeted gay athletes, before finally removing the article entirely whilst putting its writer on the shelf for a few months, after which he returned, “following a lengthy period of intense reflection.”
Daily Beast Disparagement Does Not Sit Well With The Facts
Please do not invent fake news where there is nothing but simplicity: some people want to help others and expect nothing in return. Stay tuned.
Lloyd Grove Exposed for his Religious Bigotry
When was the last time your reporter Lloyd Grove helped victims of natural disasters, helped save a marriage or gave someone the confidence to go in the direction of their dreams and live the life they imagine? I sincerely doubt that he ever did.
Marlow Stern Cannot Contain His Virulent Anti-Scientology Bigotry
The Daily Beast, for its part, has published Stern’s profoundly bigoted, one-sided content even while it strains to project an image of commitment to diversity and inclusion—going so far as naming “religion” as a subject it seeks to cover with respect in a PR statement on its website.
Daily Beast’s Tarpley Hitt Targets Business Owner on Basis of Religion
Using rhetoric disturbingly akin to Nazi propaganda “outing” Jews and depicting them as nefarious, Hitt’s article blatantly seeks to dehumanize Scientologists and spread hate. Hitt writes about the religion’s “influence” and “involvement” in the business in question because several of its staff are members of the Church of Scientology.