Tampa Bay Times

An Open Letter from a Scientologist & Black Man to Tampa Bay Times Bigots
You see, I understand I am just another “nigger,” and you know what is best for me. You deem yourself my Master. You are not my friend.
Tracey McManus of Tampa Bay Times—a Shameless Bigot
Ludicrous and disjointed at best, McManus’s article selectively points out that the Church launched a website criticizing character and motive. Is there some law I should be aware of that prohibits defending against slanderous and malicious attacks targeting one’s religion?
Tampa Bay Times Harboring Bigotry and Discrimination
You consistently go to ex-Scientologists and anti-Scientologists to interview. There is a handful of those, but there are over ten thousand Scientologists in Tampa Bay alone, who are very happy with the Church and who can honestly say that Scientology has changed their lives vastly for the better. Yet only the small group of dissidents are being listened to and quoted. This is discrimination.
Tampa Bay Times Avoiding the Real Story on Scientology
I feel it is important that anyone be allowed to have free choice to embrace their own religion, as they personally determine. If a person finds that their faith has been helpful to them and others they love, and made improvements in their life conditions, then that is the best test for what each person should have as their belief.
Tampa Bay Times Called on Carpet for Bigoted Reporting
What motivates an ex-Scientologist to spread hate and lies about my religion? She is well paid for the trash that she and others spew. If you actually knew her, you probably wouldn’t invite her into your home or to your own church. My guess is you wouldn’t want your children to be around her. Yet you willingly believe the hate and lies.