The Honest View of Scientology
What’s more, the high IQ free-thinker is much more likely to become curious about the effort by vested interests to drag them away from the demonized subject.
Cheap Shot Bigotry Still the Name of the Game at THR
One would think the trade publication of that industry would take a professional point of view, not a salacious one better suited for tabloid magazines.
THR Bigotry Against the Church of Scientology and Scientologists
You should know there is nothing you can do to impede our progress, because now, with our TV network, we tell our own story without perversion of the truth.
Un-American and Anti-Constitutional TV Is Not Worth Validating
Before investing your advertising dollars promoting your product on Leah Remini’s hate TV show, do yourself a favor and spend a few minutes on and watch an episode of Voices For Humanity or perhaps Meet a Scientologist.
Soapboxie—Your Analysis is Riddled With False Information
While I appreciate that in this modern day and age where common and decent values appear almost lost, these may seem alien to you, but let me assure you, they are not to the majority of peoples of this world.
Religious Bigotry of Any Kind Has No Place in Our Society
STAND—Scientologists Taking Actions Against Discrimination—has the duty of policing irresponsible media so that the good names of the Church of Scientology and its principals, as well as all religions, are not sullied by lies, bigotry and slander.
Religious Bigotry Alive at Irish Times
How you managed it I do not know, but you threw in a non-sequitur slur against the Church of Scientology in a paragraph about a Turkish cleric. Amazing.
The New Trend Is Tolerance and Understanding—You Should Try It
Religion is a deeply personal thing. Don’t trash another’s, for it opens wide the doors for others to trash what you value.
Unwarranted Bigotry at
Realize that you have a responsibility to society. Casting disparagement and making derogatory comments about a religion of which you know nothing relegates your writing to religious discrimination.
IPC—Funding Leah Remini’s Bigot Show Should Not Be Part of Your Resume
Watching the show for the first time, my reaction was utter disgust… like what I imagine a Jew might feel after stumbling upon an Internet hate group’s claims of Jews eating babies. Yes, I see the show as that absurd and ridiculous.