CBC Spreads Misinformation & Animosity
Consider this: you’ve managed to suspect ill will in the message “Stay Well: An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Ton of Cure.” Seriously? Take another look at that. What shadows are you fighting?
Are You Antireligious, Radio-Canada?
In a time when there is so much unrest in the world, it’s vital that the press work with extra diligence to ensure what’s being reported is accurate and fair.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Attacks Volunteers Helping Their Communities
The CBC has chosen to avoid any shred of honest or responsible reporting in regard to these efforts of my church to help all in the face of global disaster. In your over-zealous haste to attack the religious beliefs of others, you have trampled on every single person in your own community who could benefit from truthful reporting and simple, neighborly help.
Leave It to CBC to Decide What It’s Okay to Be Prejudiced About
What a pity that at this time when citizens of countries all over the globe are looking deeply at their own behavior to root out ingrained bigotry, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is smugly asserting that they know who “deserves” to be defamed. Shame on you.
CBC—Does Your Christian Readership Support Your Vendetta Against Religions?
Since injustice, corruption and other societal and corporate ills almost always trickle down from the top, I am urging the leadership of CBC to take a closer look at how you are allowing your organization to portray all of Canada’s multicultural, multispiritual, multiethnic and multiracial groups. Someone from each of those groups is a Canadian Scientologist and you are hurting those good people when you publish lies.
Good People Do Exist, Contrary to CBC Propaganda
Frankly I am more than appalled at your recent coverage of our Scientology Volunteer Ministers, each one of whom has volunteered to go out into the community to spread calm and hope.
STAND Launches Investigation Into Radio-Canada’s Biased, Antireligious Reporting
For the second time in less than three months, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation—Radio-Canada—has engaged in biased, antireligious reporting in violation of its mandate to honestly inform and enlighten the Canadian people, and in the midst of a global pandemic.