Margaret Singer

Beware the False Prophets of Profit
Dr. Singer is long dead now, gone to whatever religion’s Hell will deign to accept her. But she has her disciples who carry on her debunked work. One in particular is Stephen Kent, a sociologist who steadfastly clings to Singer’s universally rejected work like a flea to a hound. It is, after all, his livelihood.
Psychologists Have No Standing to Judge Religions
The basic thrust of your article is to dissuade people from religion and religious groups based on the atheistic assertions of a two clinical psychologists—members of a group notorious for their lack of understanding in religious matters.
MEDIA WATCH Headlining for Criminal Deprogrammer
I sincerely recommend that you adopt a policy of research first, write second. There are frequently at least two sides to a story. It would behoove you to get the other side(s)—or you’ll have to get very familiar with eggs.
Listverse “cult” story debunked
Margaret Singer based her work on what she claimed to be the results of studies into the treatment of prisoners of war during the Korean War. Anthony showed that the entire Korean brainwashing scare lacked scientific substance; it was a propaganda campaign concocted to perpetuate the anti-Communist hysteria of the McCarthy era.
Debunking the Myth of Religious “Brainwashing”
A significant area of misinformation perpetuated by anti-religious social scientists and others is the subject of so-called “religious brainwashing.