Don’t be an “ic” or an “ist”
I met a very nice Persian man who was Jewish. His family was driven out of Iran because they were Jewish. Then in America he experienced a great deal of discrimination and bullying because he was from the Middle East.
Hate Never Wins: A Tale of Two Blog Posts
I posted this photo on my photography blog. I didn’t think it would be very controversial. Boy, was I wrong.
Muslim Representation in Media: Is Three Dimensions Too Much to Ask?
The Muslim Public Affairs Council Hollywood Bureau held its media awards ceremony on March 20. It was a straightforward affair, shot on a simple stage intercut with livestreams from the homes of the awardees—a far cry from the Golden Globes held a few weeks earlier, but more meaningful to me.
Religion in Schools: Teaching Isn’t Preaching
Tolerance of one’s fellow man, including his race, his nationality and his creed, is an essential part of everyday life.
Religious Stigma Isn’t Created by Your Neighbors
A poll found that 82% of Americans feel that it is very important for Christians to be allowed to practice freely, while only 61% reported that Muslims deserved religious freedom.
The Answer to Hate Is Love
“Love one another.” It’s an adage so common it can seem trite. So simple that it’s hard to believe it can matter. Bad things happen to good people. Sometimes those things are just natural disasters. Floods. Hurricanes. Wild fires.
The European Court of Justice Strengthens the Right to Practice Bigotry
To say that a person’s faith is very personal and important is to state the obvious. To observe, however, that what a person believes is part of that person, and as often as not defines that person, takes empathy and a wish to understand people as individuals, rather than as a demographic mass.
The Muslim Roots of the Statue of Liberty
It was the late 1860s. The plan was for a colossal neoclassical sculpture on the scale of the Colossus of Rhodes: 86 feet high on a 48-foot pedestal. It was to be called “Egypt Carrying the Light to Asia.” It was to depict a woman holding a torch and would serve as a a symbol of Egypt’s technological progress.
The Sun’s Crusade to Eclipse the Truth
Witness, too, The Sun’s decades-long campaign against ethnic migrants and minorities in general and Muslims in particular. Among the screaming headlines The Sun has spewed in this regard are:
Charlie Hebdo Reprints Blasphemous Cartoons
In January 2015, the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo published cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad. Many members of Islam consider any such depiction among the most extreme forms of blasphemy.