Scientology and Islam: An Analogous Study
Bigotry—I Just Won’t Do That Anymore
That’s the importance of religion, to me. And I know it’s true because I experienced it at that interfaith meeting. And this changed my mind and heart about ever bashing or putting down another’s faith.
Charlie Hebdo: Freedom of Expression and Its Responsibilities
While there is no rote answer to that question, I believe that upholding free expression has two sides. One side, of course, is keeping it free. The other, perhaps not as obvious, is insisting that expression contribute positively to society or at least not weaken the social bonds that make freedom possible.
Faith, Freedom and One’s Fellow Man
After seven hours of a passionate but civil public dialogue, more than 170 Americans came together to decide the future of their community. They went for openness, inclusion and religious freedom, granting approval for a new mosque to be built in suburban Virginia.
Finding Common Ground—The American Experiment
The answer to every problem that exists between people or groups is always, always more communication and attempts at understanding, no matter how challenging or even hopeless the odds of a true, productive dialogue seem.
In a World Dominated by Stereotype, MPAC Celebrates Muslim Authenticity
What I saw was a recognition of the best kind of inclusion: a collection of movies, TV shows, and press coverage where Muslims are not necessarily the story (although in two of the films, they are) but who, in their portions of the stories, are depicted as they are: human beings—not necessarily perfect human beings, but real ones.
Intolerance Takes Center Stage in Austria
The Austrian Parliament recently passed a law banning women from wearing garments that cover their face s. As is the norm with such laws that have sprung up in various parts of Europe, it pretends to “neutrally” apply to everyone.
Is Man Just Another Animal? Part 2: Loss of Spirituality and Increase of Dementia
The immortality of the soul is certainly a crucial and integral part of the belief systems of most if not all religions. And rightfully so.
Is religion being hacked? Ask the Muslims
A religion is bad because of the horrible things done in its name. Right? That’s like saying that the institution of marriage is bad because of some people’s infidelity.
Islam & Ramadan—Walking With Faith
“I am not alone in this. I have brothers and sisters all around the world that are fasting with me. We hold our prayers and our meditations very sacred.“