On Religious Freedom Day, Let’s Honor Each Other’s Beliefs
This day reminds us that the right to believe in what we choose is an inherent human right. Whether you’re a Christian, a Jew, a Buddhist, a Sikh, a Scientologist, a Muslim or a member of any other faith, it is your right to practice that faith freely.
On the Basis of Bigotry—SBS’ Steven Trask Objects to Humanitarian Help
There is a curious malady that afflicts a small minority of people: a hatred of those who help. Possibly you’ve had the occasional odd conversation wherein you find yourself arguing in favor of some charitable action or selfless deed that the other person for some reason raves is reprehensible.
Raising Our Voices—What it Means to be a STAND Member
Scientologists are, almost without exception, really nice people. That’s something you could say of most people and groups but I’m always reminded that being an above average communicator and expressing a heightened regard for other people is something most Scientologists have in common. It’s an exceptionally articulate group of people who know and speak their own minds.
Religious Group “Charged” with Offering Donuts at Meeting
American Humanist Association slights Muslims and Scientologists, likening them to The Satanic Temple and asking parents to imagine a world in which these religious groups dared offer food at a gathering.
Religious Illiteracy From “Religion Guy” Richard Ostling
In a recent post on, Richard Ostling, who goes by “the religion guy,” starts by speaking sympathetically of IRS employees for being tasked with investigating Scientology, which he refers to as “godless.”
Remembering the Holocaust, and a Remarkable Story of Survival
Joe was a brilliant, hard-working man who, because he was Jewish, found himself a prisoner in a concentration camp in Poland from 1941 to 1945. It was after a Thanksgiving dinner when he and I were sitting alone on a living room couch fifty years later that he decided to tell me this remarkable story of survival that reflected who he really was.
Remini: Taking Bigotry on the Road
According to recent Hollywood reports, with her show’s viewership numbers doing a nose dive into a parity with “Joanie Loves Chachi” re-runs, Leah Remini is scrambling to find another religion to beat up.
Scientology, “Critics” and Critical Mass
Just start pounding an idea enough times into enough people until, hypnotically, they begin to believe it. Critical mass is achieved when the idea—no matter how false or ridiculous—becomes accepted as reality.
Scientology Made Me a Better Dad—But You Wouldn’t Know It If You Believed the Bigots
In those circles I’ve come under coordinated, continual and entirely unreasonable attack from people who have never met me or my children.
Speaking Out Against “Mainstream” Bigotry
What if all people of goodwill, whether Muslim, Christian, Mormon, Scientologist or whatever, upon hearing any antifaith propaganda being passed on, got mad as hell and spoke up about it?