anti-religious hate

Disney Asked to Take Action Against Discrimination Toward the Scientology Religion
Why is it acceptable to support and promote a documentary which is born entirely from hate and directed at my friends, my family, me? Does someone really have to die before religious bigotry against Scientology is taken seriously?
Disney, Please Live Up to Your Heritage And Stop The Hate
As a Scientologist, I have seen Scientology do too much good and change too many lives dramatically for the better to stand by while a systematic effort to denigrate it is allowed to pass itself off as information.
EW, it is Time For Accurate Reporting on Scientology From You
What is needed is an even-handed, non discriminatory approach when discussing this subject. Scientology is a new religion. It has been misunderstood because it is new. Certain individuals capitalize on others’ ignorance and spread lies about it, as Ms. Remini is doing. It does not mean that you should forward those lies.
Mr. Resnick, Don’t Let Fiji Sponsor Hate
In this day and age, a company such as yours cannot fund hate and survive. Unless you want to become known as a company which sponsors violence against minority groups, please put your money where your public image is. Withdraw your support from the 2020 Emmy awards.
Remini Bigotry in a Category All By Itself
This type of television programming is frightening and has placed people at risk. I have grandchildren and I have become concerned for their safety. I personally request that you cease your financial support of this horrible show. Hopefully ratings and money are not the only things that drive Hollywood today.
Remini Interviews—Were You Lying Then or Are You Lying Now?
Face it you are supporting the single most unfounded, vicious, vile anti-religious hate in years. And NONE of her allegations are supported by a single documented fact. Not a one. It is all vicious hatred from an ex-member.
Remini’s False “Documentary” on Scientology is a Betrayal of Disney Trust
Here’s an analogy: I am quite sure that Tiffany & Co. has customers who had a bad experience at their store from time to time. That doesn’t mean that Tiffany is bad. A program that collected a half-dozen disgruntled ex-customers of Tiffany over the years would not present any type of accurate portrayal of the real Tiffany when compared to the millions of their happy and grateful customers. This is exactly what we face.
Remini’s Hate is Her Causation, Disney Told
When you really look at this, it is the responsibility of each individual to improve themselves and not up to someone else. So Leah Remini blaming others for her state of mind is a serious mis-assignment of responsibility.
The Critics Choice Award Scam
We know Leah Remini’s “Impact” award was determined by an executive committee composed of members of both the BTJA and NPAC. Eli Holzman, the Executive Producer of Leah Remini’s reality television series, sits on the Executive Committee of NPAC. In other words, the whole thing is orchestrated.
STAND Condemns Attack on Sikh and Hindu Temple in Kabul
The Secretary-General of the United Nations joined with the U.S. State Department and India’s External Affairs Ministry in denouncing the incident in which dozens of civilians were killed and injured.