L. Ron Hubbard

Why I Trust L. Ron Hubbard
Occasionally in the course of a day, I hear disparaging things about people I know and love. I’m sure this has happened to you. When it happens repeatedly about someone I respect, then I feel I have to say something.
Why Stuart Wright is Wrong
I just read about Stuart Wright, the neo-Nazi hater of Jews, and God knows who else, who vandalized synagogues, and I’d like to say a few words to him. Francis Salvador, Haym Salomon, Mordecai Sheftall and Reuben Etting.
We Can Do Without Edgar Wright’s Hypocrisy
Being a musician, I’m always interested in fellow artists who chart their own path and create music that is truly representative of their unique world—not derivative of what is “hot” at the time or purely motivated by a desire for broad acceptance.
Rebelcircus clickbait story betrays bigoted premise
Your (whoever you are) characterization of the Founder of the Scientology religion is offensive in the extreme, and you should be utterly ashamed, if indeed it is possible for you to feel shame.
Atlantic.com’s Misleading Article on Scientology
The underlying flaw is that he repeated highly specious statements from highly tainted sources rather than consulting academic sources such as those available at scientologyreligion.org.
Celebrityinsider - Accurate Reporting Requires Accurate Research
Scientology policy, first written in 1964 by its Founder, L. Ron Hubbard, stated: 2. If the disability is curable within the skill of the physical practitioner to require the person be so treated before Scientology counseling be undertaken.
Rolling Stone: Stick with the Facts on Scientology
Had he instead opened a book by L. Ron Hubbard or listened to one of his many lectures—similar to listening to Beck’s music before writing his opinion—Piccinini would certainly deliver a more intelligent and meaningful opinion.
Correction in Reference to L. Ron Hubbard
George Orwell, on the other hand, wrote to a friend in 1938: “…always thought there might be a lot of cash in starting a new religion.” His letter was later published as part of a collection of letters that was circulated widely. Orwell’s comment has been misattributed to Mr. Hubbard.
Calgary Herald, Bigotry Does Not Sell
Scientology is a recognized religion. Courts and governments of many countries recognize the religious nature of Scientology.
News.com.au—The New Mouthpiece for Leah Remini, American Bigot-at-Large?
I see that news.com.au is the new mouthpiece for an American bigot-at-large. If you really think that Leah Remini, the ex-communicated, former Scientologist, has any credibility amongst the thinking public, you are sorely mistaken. That you cite her, as if her word means something, drops you into the same toxic swamp in which she resides.