On Hollis Jane Andrews’ Anti-Scientology Discrimination
It never ceases to amaze me that some grown adults starve so much for attention that they stoop to grade-school-level gossip just to get some thumbs-ups and fake-internet-points, even if it means engaging in openly demeaning and broadly discriminatory speech. But on my Monday morning, checking social media after a wonderful weekend outdoor with my family, I got a face full of pratty, bigoted nonsense by just such an attention-starved individual.
Peace on Earth, Protecting Goodwill for All
The day after Thanksgiving 2018, I suffered a heart attack and was rushed through triple bypass surgery. My wife is helping me with wonderful care. Our home is full of flowers; I thank the many family and friends who sent their love, admiration and best wishes for my wellbeing.
Predictions on Religion
That religions together and in unison will bring a new enlightened age where spirituality and Godliness will once again rise above materialism and where we all win.
Religion in Comedy—Where Do We Draw the Line?
When you want to bring up a faith that’s not your own, you better know what you’re talking about. You better be accurate, and you better not side with a bigot. History tells us a lot of the biggest wars came from misunderstanding—or not tolerating—another’s faith.
Three Religions and a Wedding
Guests of many religions were in attendance. We had Jewish relatives from my side, Catholics from my husband's side, Christians from the groom’s side, and of course, Scientologist friends in abundance.
Scientologists and Freedom of Choice
Responsible freedom of choice lies at the heart of the Scientology religion. It’s a theme which runs throughout our sacred literature. Freedom of choice coupled with a pro-survival orientation toward all areas of life determine the actions of an ethical being.
Scientologists and Freedom of Speech
The person who would forbid you from free expression is the person who hopes to, at some point, have you in chains. As Scientologists, we are very much in favor of freedom of speech.
Scientologists and Responsibility
The concept of responsibility is at the core of personal freedom. For centuries and across cultures it has been believed that the proper answer to an affront or a transgression is retribution.
Scientologists DO Have An Agenda!
I’ve been in Scientology since 1975. For 32 of those years I worked in a Church of Scientology as a staff member. For 19 of those 32 years, I was the Executive Director of the Church of Scientology in Denver. So, I pretty much have seen whatever there is to see in a Church of Scientology.
Scientology Is Freedom. Freedom Is Fun.
In just about every society on earth, we humans are handed nothing but limits from the time we are born. The limits of popular opinion, culture, and thought along with authorities to appeal to, permissions to ask, expectations to meet.