Why Scientologists Oppose Psychiatry
In 1975, just as Ken Kesey’s novel “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” was filmed at Oregon State Hospital, I became a Scientologist in Portland. Kesey’s book and the film that followed it have perhaps done more than any other works of art to dramatize the brutality and horror of psychiatry and its tools.
Why Scientology Is Nonpolitical
That date was June 14, 1965. Years before I was born and many years before I became a Scientologist, on that day Scientology was declared by its founder to be free of any political allegiance.
What Does it Take to Maintain Freedom of Religion Against Hatred and Intolerance?
I was 28 when I met Gunnar and Lois and their son Anders. When they asked me what I thought about Nixon and Watergate, I had to buy an English-language news magazine to find out what they were talking about.
Will You Be the Journalist Who Covers Scientology Right?
Whether you are an amateur blogger, the curator of a Facebook page, or a content creator for a prestigious international news organization, if - by your writings or your multimedia content - you seek to inform people about the world, you’re a journalist (or want to be) .
With All Its Problems Can L.A. Afford a Contest Between Two Bigots For Mayor?
Are either of them genuinely competent to lead an enormously diverse community, the second-largest city in the land, when, instead of attacking its enemies, they assail its friends?
STAND Hosts Year-In-Review Celebration in Los Angeles
Last week, Scientologists Taking Action Against Discrimination held its first annual year-end celebration at the Church of Scientology of the Valley in Los Angeles, honoring nine successful months of operation and setting high goals for the year ahead.