hate speech

UPenn Department Chair Calls Talk by Rape Apologist & Abuser of Women “Controversial” But “Important”
In an era when the world condemns sexual violence and hate against minorities, the University of Pennsylvania has made it clear it stands with bigots and abusers.
Want To Know How Scientologists Really Feel? Yahoo’s Taryn Ryder Says: Ask an Anti-Scientologist
If Yahoo’s Taryn Ryder wants to know where to get the best blueberry pie, she will consult someone with a violent berry allergy. If she wants to absorb the wisdom of Judaism, she will call her neighborhood Nazi. If she’d like some info on the civil rights movement, she’ll check out the KKK.
Why Political Operative Ace Smith Is the True Loser in the L.A. Mayoral Race
“Ace won’t let the truth get in the way of his attacks.”
Why “Sticks and Stones” Should Be the New College Creed
“I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” has fallen on hard times in American campuses of late, abandoned amid partisan firefights and outright violence sparked by self-righteous outrage at “offensive” points of view.
Your Right to “Say Anything” May Be Wrong
Do people have prejudices? Unfortunately, absolutely. Do we have the right to broadcast our personal prejudices to others, and in a hateful way? I think not.
Preposterous accusations
I am writing regarding 20/20 and the inappropriate and outright preposterous accusations against the Church of Scientology regarding children.
Disney should look into A&E Networks’ Leah Remini Aftermath
How come you permit A&E to carry such a single-sided monologue disparaging innocent people, all with the purpose of “brainwashing” them from their chosen faith?
My daughter is being bullied thanks to Leah Remini and A&E
[My daughter] has been dealing with teachers spreading hate to the class about our religion, student insults about Scientologists and bigoted statements from two coaches that are date coincident with the airing of this show.
Mashable.com—Decency is Found in Honest Reporting
You make derogatory inference about the Sea Organization of the Church of Scientology in your article of earlier today without, obviously, knowing anything about it.
Procter & Gamble—This is an Appeal to Your Better Judgment—Remini Hate Does Not Sell
I know I will personally boycott any product whose sales will help support this attack on religion. And I am not alone in this thinking.