Thomas Jefferson and the True Spirit of Scientology
As a 7th grader, I visited the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. The quote in HUGE letters around the inner dome reads: “I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." When I read it, a chill ran down my spine.
Too Much Evil in the World? Look Again.
As I continued on the last leg of my trip, I mulled over my encounters with these two men from very different demographics—two separate age groups, two different nationalities, two distinct social statuses.
Trust in the Media Hits an All-Time Low
My first personal experience with dishonest media came when I was moving from one apartment to a new residence in the late 1960s, in my early days as a Scientologist.
What Is Your Problem?! or Drama in the Produce Section
“WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM?!” The question was bellowed at me in condemnation of my failure to swerve my motion-challenged shopping cart out of the way fast enough to allow passage for the strident, trim, one-third-my-age Whole Foods shopper intent on beating all competition to the Christmas Brewers...
What It’s Like Being a Scientology Dad
I have the most awesome kid in the world. I know every parent thinks that, but in my case I have empirical evidence to support the claim. At least once a week someone will approach me. It could be my son’s teacher or another faculty member at his school.
What’s It Like To Have a Scientologist Parent? According To My 12-Year-Old, “Absolutely Amazing”
Being a mom is my very favorite job. Full disclosure: I wasn’t sure I wanted to be a mom. I love my work and did not know if I could balance work and parenthood. I wasn’t entirely sure if I would be “maternal” enough. But then my little surprise came along and changed everything.
Where Is God in Our Violent, Unpredictable World?
The question of how an all-loving and all-powerful God could allow things like this shooting to happen is one of the fundamental existential questions I wrestled with as a young person many times.
Why Can’t I Be A Scientologist?
I gave her a polite reply, but I realized she succeeded in making me feel slightly ashamed for asking her. I realized at that moment she was condemning me for my religion. She wanted me to know that it wasn’t ok that I was a Scientologist but it was perfectly acceptable for her to be a Christian.
Why God Is Love and We Should Love All People of All Faiths
My relationship with Christ and subsequent knowledge of God will not allow me to be an enemy to those who choose a different path to him.
Why Is Scientology Treated “Unfairly?”
Cultures change slowly. I was born in 1945. When I was growing up in Washington, D.C., discrimination against African Americans, Jews, Catholics, Mormons, Gays, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans and Muslims was not the least bit unusual and was largely accepted. Southern politicians got elected based on who was the loudest and most viciously racist.