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The Scientology “Mystery” Solved
I have often seen confusion arise in the minds of people who hear snippets of the theatrical, artificial media version of Scientology. My own family, friends and acquaintances know me as mostly “normal” and hard working. A little wacky, a little funny, somewhat interesting, but just another guy.
The “Secret” Practice of Scientology
He was hoping for some weird, juicy secret stuff from an insider but I had to disappoint him. Nothing there to tell. After that night, the more I thought about it, I realized that’s really all I had been doing over my years as a practicing Scientologist. So now I’ll explain it to you.
The Truth—and Lies—About Scientology
When I was eighteen, I was working the cash register of the family grocery store when a gentleman walked in holding a brown paper sack. He was wearing a sports jacket, nice jeans and a dress shirt and had a pleasant smile.
The Truth (Not the Press) about Religion
I’ve heard plenty of people ask, “If Islam is a religion of peace, why aren’t they speaking out against terrorism?” My answer is and has been for a while, “They are.” Just one example of this can be seen here. Now, why didn’t you hear about this? Muslims speaking out against terrorism .
The Work of Good People: The Real Breaking News
Perhaps it is time to replace the righteous indignation in our hearts with the swell of love and compassion we feel when we do truly lift another person up.
Thomas Jefferson and the True Spirit of Scientology
As a 7th grader, I visited the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, D.C. The quote in HUGE letters around the inner dome reads: “I have sworn upon the altar of god, eternal hostility against every form of tyranny over the mind of man." When I read it, a chill ran down my spine.
What is an “Agenda?”—A Classroom Play
A junior high school teacher to her class: Today we are going to discuss the word “agenda.” Agenda means the underlying intentions or motives of a particular person or group. What would be some examples of someone who has an agenda?
Unanswered Questions About Jonestown—Witnesses Report
Was Jonestown one of the worst massacres of innocent American men, women and children in history? What purpose could the deaths of so many people have served? Could an external force have been responsible? If so, who might it have been?
Vox’s “Cult-Obsessed” Aja Romano Spews Hate-by-Association Bigotry
Romano joins the unholy pantheon of scribes who could care less about the real people she’s hurting, as long as she’s got a gobsmacking piece of clickbait for the masses.
Was Jewish “Blood Libel” the First Fake News?
Libel means false accusation. For centuries, a particularly vicious libel has been leveled at Jews: that they sacrificed Christian children and used their blood for religious rituals. That is why it is called a “blood libel.”