anti-religious bigotry

The Type That Rages Against Scientology
“This is classic,” I thought. This guy was the poster child for the usual type of person who rages against Scientology. You’ve met this type in your own life. Ignorant, smug, self-satisfied, self-aggrandizing, self-deluded, in a constant search for anything and anyone to hate and belittle, thinking it will somehow make them look good.
Tim Tebow’s Religion, America’s Favorite Pastime
What’s the saying? “It’s as American as baseball and apple pie?” Football gets a lot of the love these days but whenever I go to a live baseball game—anything from little league to major league—I always feel like I’m part of something special, something quintessentially American.
What Color are Your Eyes?
Discriminate: to make a difference in treatment or favor on a basis other than individual merit. If you have ever been discriminated against because you did not meet some criteria someone considers important, we share that reality.
What “Everybody Knows” Actually Isn’t True
If even I, a young child, could tell that these things that “everybody knew” were simple and obvious lies, how could grown-ups be repeating them? Believing them? Teaching them to their children?
What Little Old You Can Do About Bigotry & Evil
“I’m just one person. What could I possibly do?” You’ve heard it, you’ve probably thought it and you’ve very possibly said it. But it’s one of the most destructive ideas known to man.
Whatever Makes You Happy
I’ve gotten that response several times over the past year when I tell people I’m a Scientologist after they’ve spewed their ignorance all over the subject of my religion. Situation one was on a plane. Two women next to me were gossiping about a magazine article that covered Scientology.
Why Hate Promoters Like Alex Gibney Should Be Held Accountable
I’m not sure what was worse—having to tell him or seeing his muted reaction. He’s 14 now and I’ve had to explain this kind of bigotry to him many times before, so the revelation elicited little more than an eye roll. He has come to expect it now.
Why Does It Have to Be “Science vs. Religion?”
Debates that pit science versus religion don’t usually end well. They can devolve into name-calling, sometimes on a national stage, the only winners being shoe salesmen who benefit from the windfall of heels overused, dug-in and worn-down by proponents on both sides.
Will You Be the Journalist Who Covers Scientology Right?
Whether you are an amateur blogger, the curator of a Facebook page, or a content creator for a prestigious international news organization, if - by your writings or your multimedia content - you seek to inform people about the world, you’re a journalist (or want to be) .
Wright’s book presented an inaccurate and misleading picture of Scientology
Wright’s book presented an inaccurate and misleading picture of Scientology, based on myths, urban legends and deliberate distortions while perpetuating anti-religious bigotry against the Scientology religion.