One Thing You (Few) Haters Don’t Know About Us
Hey haters! I know you tend to think you’re pretty sharp. That you know everything we’ll say and do before we say and do it. But I bet you can’t guess what my favorite thing is about Scientologists. You should know this one thing before you spew whatever it is you've got all lined up in your cabeza.
Reflections on Religion and Respect This Mother’s Day
How could I let my friend get away with denigrating another religion and call myself a real Scientologist? We treat other religions the way we want our religion to be regarded and treated: with respect.
Religious Illiteracy From “Religion Guy” Richard Ostling
In a recent post on Patheos.com, Richard Ostling, who goes by “the religion guy,” starts by speaking sympathetically of IRS employees for being tasked with investigating Scientology, which he refers to as “godless.”
The Creation of Love & Hate
In doing these things He sat in council with Adam. “Lord,” said Adam, “will You not grant us a gift—a miracle that happens not just once, but throughout eternity, as a daily reminder of Your grace and of Your presence in each person’s heart?”
We Can Have Our Cake And Eat It, Too
Religion was on my mind as I recently worked with a music producer in Nashville who is a devout Christian.
What Do You Mean by “God?”
Man’s entire history has, to a large degree, centered on the question of God. Wars have been fought, families torn apart, entire groups of people persecuted all because of how they worshiped or believed in God.
Where God & Religion Have Gone
I think it was at that point that church attendance started to drop and MTV took over for parents and my generation began to “drift.”
Where Is God in Our Violent, Unpredictable World?
The question of how an all-loving and all-powerful God could allow things like this shooting to happen is one of the fundamental existential questions I wrestled with as a young person many times.
Why are Physicists Convinced of the Human Soul?
Are science and spirituality mutually exclusive? Alan Lightman, a physicist who has researched black holes, stellar dynamics and relativistic gravitation theory, no longer thinks so . He went to Cambodia on a foreign aid mission to help the people of a small village build up their infrastructure.
Why God Is Love and We Should Love All People of All Faiths
My relationship with Christ and subsequent knowledge of God will not allow me to be an enemy to those who choose a different path to him.