The Accidental Bigot
A bigot’s a bad thing to be. But, theoretically, it could happen to any one of us. For many years (and in what feels like another lifetime), I worked in the film business. Anyone familiar with that industry knows it involves arduous, long days and requires plenty of patience.
The Aftermath of the “Aftermath”
Most people are decent: They are constructive, creative, welcoming and social…
The Chosen Path—A Fable About Brotherhood
He is an expert on this hellish road you travel, and would teach us its history, and the history of those who’ve gone before.
The Critic and His “Standards”—My Take on Antireligious Bigotry
Those people who can actually do things, do them. It’s only the people who can’t do things who talk about it.
The “Cult” Label
I'm a Scientologist who has studied Scientology for years. Decades actually. I know a lot of other Scientologists and, while I can't speak for all of them, I think plenty of us want to know why we're mislabeled “a cult.
The Divide Between Bigotry & Reason
Anything which not only teaches people to question existing authorities but how to do it and teaches them how to think for themselves will be characterized as “dangerous” by people who don’t like being questioned. It’s pretty simple really, and it’s been a historical fact.
The Food Bigot
I am a food bigot. This was brought to my attention by my wife some years ago when she first served me eggplant. “I hate eggplant,” I said. “I thought you knew that. Any kind of eggplant.” “You,” she declared, “are a food bigot.”
The Ignorance of Ignorance
“Not ignorance, but the ignorance of ignorance is the death of knowledge.” - Alfred North Whitehead My first year of teaching I had a realization that helped me throughout my years as a classroom teacher, and life in general. I was warned about Jimmy, my fourth grade student.
The Looper’s Patrick Phillips Tells Us What’s “OK” to Hate
Let’s assume that Phillips wouldn’t say about Jerry Seinfeld that the director of his latest comedy special is excited to work with him “in spite of his being Jewish” or that Herbie Hancock’s new music is great “once you get past the fact that he’s a Buddhist.”
The Man Behind the Interfaith Solidarity March: An Optimist and Friend to All Faiths
“These international marches are not just ‘feel good’ events. This does matter and this does have the ability to bring peace and dissolve bigotry by extending understanding.”