Why Scientologists Do the Right Thing—And Those Who Don’t Don’t Like Us
Some of the nicest people you know might be Scientologists, but people who weren’t very nice and were kicked out have made many others think we aren’t. I have to live with that and I don’t really like it.
Why Scientologists Fight for Religious Freedom
Every individual has a private door to his spirit. But he must have the freedom to open that door.
Scientology Empowerment Versus Psychiatric Destruction
I can see it now—Indonesian and American physicists in a catfight over which direction an apple takes when it falls from a tree. Maybe they should vote on it.
We Can Do Without Edgar Wright’s Hypocrisy
Being a musician, I’m always interested in fellow artists who chart their own path and create music that is truly representative of their unique world—not derivative of what is “hot” at the time or purely motivated by a desire for broad acceptance.
Scientology and the aftermath
I was shocked to see that A&E gave a platform for anti-religious crusader Leah Remini to spew her vile bigotry.
ABC 20/20 is missing the point
I have been a Scientologist since 1982 and I have two daughters ages 23 and 26 who were raised in the Scientology faith.
Bias and a total ignorance of the facts
This is the diametrical opposite of all the inappropriate things children are exposed to in the media these days—immorality, irresponsibility, drug abuse, and so on.
ABC 20/20 report on the children of Scientologists
A woman who raised two children in Scientology takes ABC to task
An appeal to fairness and truth
I do not believe that the news is there to spread falsehoods or perpetuate discrimination against any group, religious or otherwise.
I’m honestly shocked you would even spread such lies.
Respecting the religious beliefs of others is very important in this world. Not only that, but attacking one of the fastest growing religions which can prove with statistics and facts how it is bettering and improving lives, saving lives of those on drugs, is just wrong.