Religious Leaders Demand A&E Stop the Hate in New York Rally

On February 13, a delegation of some 100 religious and community leaders came together to protest A&E bigotry, which has inspired over 600 threats of anti-religious violence and violent acts.

Protesters outside of A&E
Participants in the rally outside of A&E’s New York headquarters, a number of whom flew across the country to demand the network put an end to its bigotry

The group, which included a 10-person choir performing a series of gospel a cappella melodies, gathered outside of A&E Networks’ New York headquarters on Wednesday, holding placards which read: “A&E Stop the Hate!” and “Buccieri—Blood on Your Hands.” The latter addressed A&E President Paul Buccieri who took no action after letter upon letter from the Church of Scientology and its members, and while his network’s programming was linked to five arson attacks against Jehovah’s Witnesses’ houses of worship and the murder of a 24-year-old Scientologist.

“How much more violence would A&E like to see before its leaders get the message?” asked STAND International Director Edward Parkin. “They are under the misguided impression that hate sells, but the faith community and the American people will never forget this attack on their rights and freedoms. A&E stands on the wrong side of issues that deeply matter to the people of this country.”