Muslim Bridegroom Dons Turban to Express Gratitude for Sikh Heroism

Beginning on the night of February 20, 2020, 53 natives of Northeast Delhi, mostly Muslims, lost their lives in a week of indiscriminate bloodshed, driven by religious bigotry. 

The lone bright spot in the terror was the courage and compassion of the community’s Sikhs, many of whom risked their lives to give food and shelter to their Muslim neighbors.

In a poignant gesture, a Muslim bridegroom signaled his people’s gratitude by donning a Sikh turban for his wedding ceremony. 

Muslim bridegroom in turban

 The bridegroom, Abdul Hakeem, along with over 100 Muslim guests all wore turbans to show solidarity with their Sikh brethren.

Hakeem’s father-in-law, proud of the groom’s decision, stated, “A Muslim is not identified only by his cap but also by his gursikh [one who works for the welfare of all humanity].”