A&E Caught Yet Again Paying Its “Documentary” Sources

The Word of Faith Fellowship, slated to be the subject of A&E’s next anti-religious “documentary,” recently revealed evidence that A&E paid the group’s ex-members to slander their former church.

The revelation prompted A&E to make a last-minute call to postpone the show—shockingly entitled The Devil Next Door—which was set to premier on November 27.

The check paid to a former member of the Word of Faith Fellowship for his participation in the latest of a string of anti-religious A&E “documentaries.”

“A&E makes its profit through manufactured hate, discriminatory lies and slander in the guise of ‘reality’ and ‘journalism,’ and the public has come to expect this, so we are not at all surprised,” said Edward Parkin, International Director for STAND.

“First it was Duck Dynasty, in which A&E supported a homophobic racist, then cancelled the show. Next it was Escaping the KKK in which A&E paid its subjects to carry out acts of religious and racial hate, and was forced to cancel when the fact came to light,” he went on. “Now it’s The Devil Next Door, postponed due to the same unethical practices—inciting and covertly financing hate and discrimination—which have now become A&E’s signature.”

But while A&E has taken action regarding Duck Dynasty, Escaping the KKK and The Devil Next Door shows, it continues “business as usual” with Leah Remini’s anti-religious Aftermath series, in which the failed actress boasts on camera about how much her “documentary” sources (among them wife-beaters, embezzlers, sexual predators and a felon) are paid to smear the Church of Scientology.

“A&E’s credibility is down the toilet, along with that of its parent company, Disney. They apparently oppose everything this country and its people stand for,” said Bari Berger, National Director for STAND. “They promote racism, homophobia, anti-Semitism, and religious discrimination for profit.

“When will they wake-up?”